Creative Note | RUI YOSHIDA


 <LED flower_test>

The white flower of an artificial flower is colored.
A color is decided by LED of RGB and it is made for a color to change for every definite period of time.
Moreover, it can unite also with a voice sensor and can make it change to sound.
Example; it changes to the color which changes while a color carries out fade slowly, if it is slow tempo, unites with an attack if it is an up-tempo, and is completely different.
The purpose should operate them continuously by preparing a huge flower and changing it interactively.
large space obtains with a flower -- a ball -- the flower which makes the visionary world was made into the main symbol because a "scent" was given.
In practice, although the artificial flower is assumed, it is the body judged that it is best to use a flower by the thing which can fill the element of vision / hearing / sense of smell /using the essence of a flower.